Hargers in Settle

Robert Harger  1775-1848
Robert Harger 1775-1848

This is a small website about the name Harger in Settle (North Yorkshire, England), from about 1720 to about 1950. It is loosely centred around Robert Harger (1775-1848), covering some of his ancestors starting with his grandfather Eli Harger (1686-1770) who arrived from Elland (near Halifax, Yorkshire) to Settle in about 1720 when this line of the name Harger first appeared in the town and detailing the family and descendants of his son Joseph Harger (1809-1886) tracing the Harger lines in Settle until the name disappeared (around 1950). This site does not aim to replace the likes of ancestry.com, but it aims to provide other information that such websites do not typically offer. For more details about the scope and aim of this website, please see the FAQ page.